A personalised baby blanket is truly unique gift, but most importantly it's s very handy and useful – ask any mum to be what products do they need for a newborn, a blanket will be on the top of their list . BamBoom’s personalised blanket collection have many different stylish designs for both boys and a girls. 

You have possibility to create your own personalised baby blanket by picking the fabrics you like! This is not the end of fun...  you can pick a thread colour and font style! Be creative and invent special dedication which I embroidery for you on the baby quilt. It can be anything: wishes, baby name, date of birth or baby birth details etc! This product will surly bring back memories from childhood.

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Personalised Baby Boy Blanket Ireland
Personalised Crib/Cot Bedding Set
Personalised Blanket with wild safari animals
personalised blanket with fire enginees
Personalised nursery cot set
Personalised blanket with woodlands animals
Personalised Baby Comforter - MIKI
personalised pram blanket pink with owls
Personalised cot set for boy stars
Red and black baby blanket
Blanket with embroidered name
Personalised blanket diggers, trucks, dump truck
Personalised Baby Girl Comforter - Owls
Personalised White Christening Shawl with Angel
Personalised cot set for a baby girl
boy cot set handmade ireland
Customized Baby Girl Blanket
personlised cot set with clounds
personalised blanket with cars
Personalised Baby Blankets Parrots
Personalised Baby Girl Blanket
personalised blanket with bees
Personalised baby girl blanket ireland
Blanket Set - Wild Safari Animals
Blanket 75x100 cm with personalised dedication
personalised baby comforter ireland
Cot set for boy with train, car, bike, boat
pink cot set ireland
Personalised Baby Girl Blanket Featjer and Teal Colour
Birth annoucment personalised blanket
Personalised Blanket Set with Cats
Funky pram set
Cloudy Duvet Set
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Personalised comforter with diggers and trucks
Personalised Pink Cot/Crip Set for Girl
Personalised nursery cot set
83 results
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