Over the hills and far away… or.. in a kingdom far away… once upon a time….hmm I don't know how to start!

I'm energetic, enthusiastic, young, passionate, positive…hmm NO!  It's not good either! It would be a good opening for a cover letter, but certainly not here.

I'll keep it simple… I 'm a mommy of a sweet boy (first baby but not last!) and happy wife. I always wanted to be at home to take care of the little one (let’s stick to that version - it's very likely that my husband will read it). I was thinking and thinking, meanwhile playing Lotto, hoping that if I won, I would never have to work a day again. After every game I came back to my thinking….

As a typical mom I trusted that my baby is unique, the smartest etc. and I couldn't stand  discovering (at least once a week) that  I was so wronggg… After such a unpleasant event I cheered up myself by going to shops where I bought some baby clothes, which were remodel by me later.

And then ‘BOOM!’, “Click“,“Bam“. Why not combine passion to create with a job? I decided to buy a sewing machine and tried some stiches! Then I purchased my first embroidery machine. AND HERE I am and my BamBoom.ie!

P.S I still play Lotto and think… about new products! So visit my website more often!

With love,

Beata Kiryluk

If you need any information call me or send me an emial!



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